Why Pilates Career Institute?

Our mission is to train our students to be skilled in utilizing Rehab based Pilates exercises and to deliver a thorough Pilates Teacher training program for our student teachers while inspiring our graduates to develop expertise in recognizing common exercise precautions during creation of a safe and professional Pilates teaching environment.

Pilates Career Institute, PCI, was founded in 2014 as Big Toe Studio Pilates Teacher Training and is dedicated to furthering the Pilates Method by teaching a thorough understanding of Pilates exercises, ethics, post/pre-rehab precautions and group class diversification training techniques. The name change of the school came about as the school was identifying its mission and goals to be more supportive of the medical community along with training dedicated healthy clients. .  This method of training allows up to 5 students to be doing individual and different exercises while performing movement patterns simultaneously.  It requires a strong knowledge and understanding of each client’s needs, goals and expectations and really creates an unforgettable Pilates experience.  This method will be introduced in the PCI curriculum and is a priceless tool to possess as you begin your own Pilates career.

The following goals establish the direction of the PCI educational program:

  • To continue and improve on the value Pilates brings to the medical community
  • To help validate the Pilates Method effectiveness while working with medical communities
  • To assure that all graduates thoroughly understand precautions while developing client programs
  • To develop a strong human research program supporting the Pilates Method and publish the results
  • To encourage student teachers to always strive to be a better Pilates student and teacher
  • To develop continuing education workshops that support validation of the Pilates Method
  • To have all graduates become a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher
  • To instill in all graduates the need to make the Pilates Method even better than when they discovered it

Don Spence is the Director of the school and has been in the rehab business since 1991 with 19 years of experience using Pilates exercises to help clients become healthier individuals.

Don successfully completed the Polestar Education training to be a Practitioner of Pilates for Rehabilitation and Pilates Mat work in 2001 and is a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher with over 28 years of experience working with patients, clients and students to improve their health and wellness.

Only one or two students teachers are allowed into the program at a time so the teacher in training has a more thorough experience.

Every moment of our lives can be the beginning of great things.

– Joseph Pilates –