Why PCI?

Pilates Career Institute, or PCI, offers an exciting and rewarding career as a Certified Pilates Teacher, CPT,  that specializes in rehab fitness, group class diversification training and a thorough understanding of the responsibilities of being a CPT. Our Pilates teacher training program is taught at the beautiful Big Toe Studio in Fort Collins, Colorado.  PCI has earned the Department of Higher Education, Division of Private Occupational Schools Certificate of Approval to teach a vocational educational program that complies with the Colorado Private Educational Act.

PCI was founded by Don Spence, whose expertise and experience include a deep understanding of neuromuscular  techniques, a focus on Pilates for pre-and post-operative rehab, and even his own method of training Pilates group classes.  Don has certifications from Polestar Rehabilitative Pilates as well as the Pilates Method Alliance and over 28 years of experience working with patients and students to improve their health and wellness.

At PCI, we believe that every client in a group Pilates class can have a private class experience.  This method of training allows up to 5 students to be doing individual and different exercises and movement patterns simultaneously.  It requires a strong knowledge and understanding of each student’s needs, goals and expectations and really creates an unforgettable Pilates Experience.  This method will be introduced in the PCI curriculum and is a priceless tool to possess as you begin your own Pilates career.

PCI only accepts 2 to 3 potential student teachers per quarter due to thoroughness of the program that results in extremely well qualified CPT’s that are prepared for a rewarding career as a PCI trained Pilates Teacher.

Pilates Career Institute has a very simple goal: to give our PCI Pilates Teachers a deep knowledge of how to design individualized Pilates programs that are safe and effective in either a private or group setting.


 Every moment of our lives can be the beginning of great things

Joseph H Pilates