Don Spence

Pilates Career Institute Program Director 

Don has been involved in athletic development since the age of 14.  He began by using exercise to lose weight, which sparked his career in athletic performance and competition. A personal quest developed into a lifelong passion of athletic and fitness excellence. This life experience allowed a passion to turn into teaching and assisting others in their quest to be leaner and healthier while providing a better understanding of lifestyle choices that affect overall health and personal fitness. This knowledge of how personal body image and the positive effects from athletic performance has allowed Don to follow through on his own personal quest of helping others to achieve their individual high level of knowledge regarding sensible fitness exercise decisions. This led to the creation of Body Quest Advantage, Big Toe Studio and the Pilates Career Institute.

After completing a successful career as a Professional Bicycle Racer, he started a new career in rehabilitation as a Neuromuscular Therapist with Orthopedic Center of the Rockies in Fort Collins, Colorado. He went on to become the Rehabilitative Fitness Coordinator for Health South Outpatient Rehab Centers in Northern Colorado.  With his interest in rehabilitative exercise, Don then became a Certified Practitioner of Pilates for Rehabilitation and Pilates Mat work in 2001. Don opened his first Pilates studio in December of 2004, and then opened his current location in the beautiful Palmer Flowers Retail Center in 2009. In 2014 Don launched Big Toe Studio Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training School, which changed its name to Pilates Career Institute, the school compliments the Pilates studio while training student teachers to be experts in utilizing Rehab based Pilates to reach all levels of potential for clients, students and teachers.


Samantha Levine

Pilates Career Institute Graduate

Samantha Levine completed the 450 hours program with the Pilates Career Institute and is a Pilates Method Alliance National Certified Teacher.

Samantha has a background in education as a Montessori school teacher and has been practicing Pilates for ten years. After a Big Toe Studio Pilates Mat Workshop, Samantha decided that a career as a certified Pilates Teacher would give her opportunities to share the benefits of practicing Pilates as a Teacher of Pilates. 


MacKenzie Jackson

Pilates Career Institute Student Teacher

MacKenzie joined Pilates Career Institute in 2019. She is studying Health and Exercise Science at CSU and wants to further her education in Pilates. She played softball her whole life along with track and golf. MacKenzie’s dream is to tie cancer rehabilitation with Pilates and help cancer patients gain their strength back. She loves doing Pilates and staying active.