Pilates Career Institute is dedicated to supporting and promoting Pilates as a medically valid solution to help solve Average Daily Activity issues that can hinder a persons ability to have a healthy and balanced life. As the everyday results of clients practicing Pilates become consistent, the medical community is continuing to recognize the positive results of they’re patients experiences while working with a well trained and knowledgeable Pilates teacher. Actually using Pilates exercises to help solve orthopedic issues in conjunction with the medical community requires a great deal of experience and detailed training for a Pilates Teacher to be effective and not cause any harm to they’re clients. From the very first lesson at the Pilates Career Institute our focus on teacher training begins with the study of the relationship of precautions and contraindications with every Pilates exercise and a thorough understanding of the uniqueness each client presents to the Pilates Teacher. Very thorough knowledge indeed! Our policy of accepting 1 to 2 new students per quarter allows the teacher training to be detailed and effective for the PCI Pilates Teacher to be recognized as skilled in post rehab Pilates.